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Achieving Thermal Comfort

To achieve thermal comfort without mechanical cooling, and therefore an energy efficient home, it is very important to understand your local climate and the fundamentals of how building materials perform.

It has long been understood that brick was a superior material to incorporate into building design because of his inherent quality called 'thermal mass'. Now research exists to prove the value of thermal mass which absorbs and releases heat to stabilise indoor temperature. Building in clay brick is an easy way to build thermal mass into your home.

Tips for designing for Hot Climates

  • Your home should be well insulated. It should also incorporate thermal mass into the floor, walls and/or ceilings to absorb daytime heat, keeping the interior cooler during the hottest part of the day
  • Include openings (door/windows) to capture breezes to cool the home via cross ventilation. Ideally, provide shading over openings to avoid unnecessary heating during hot days.
  • Good shading is needed to the east and west windows for long periods of the year.
  • Protect the house from winds with plants or vegetations on the east and west.