About Malaysia Clay Brick

Malaysia Clay Brick represents Malaysia's clay brick manufacturers and was formed in early 2011 as a joint collaboration and effort between Johor Brick Factories Association and Selangor Brick Factories Association. Malaysia Clay Brick aims to inspire the usage of clay brick in all areas of the constructed environment: residential, commercial and industrial.

Malaysia Clay Brick provides technical resources and training to ensure clay brick is recognised as a pre-eminent building material by leading architects, developers, contractors and property owners.

Bricks have been produced in Malaysia for over a hundred years and are intrinsically linked with every Malaysian's dream of home ownership. After all, a house is often referred to as 'bricks and mortar'.

We asked Mr Anthony Chua, Executive Director (Valuation) of KGV-Lambert Smith Hampton (M) Sdn Bhd for his assessment of a clay brick house:

"A clay brick home has the added marketing advantage than one which is not built with clay brick in a similar location."

"Clay brick house is perceived to be of more solid construction and of better quality. That is why a clay brick house is becoming the prefered choice of many house buyers."